Macaroon and the City (Minneapolis)

In the words of Ji Kim, genius behind Luxirare:

“Lots of food bloggers attempt the difficult “macaron” recipe, but don’t let that fool you into thinking a macaron is D-I-Y territory. I won’t bother with macarons no matter how determined I am because it is just one of those things that is near impossible to do unless you’ve had years of training, and there’s nothing worse than eating an inferior macaron. The only way to convince anyone that a macaron is perfectly structured is when you cut it in half- anyone can fake a perfect macaron (lots of macarons can come out looking nice with perfect feet and structure, but the inside could be dried and cracker-like), but the truth lies in how tender and moist it is inside. You can try and make macarons at home but you’ll have to go through a million carton of egg whites before you get it right, it is just cheaper to buy perfectly made ones in my opinion. This macaron was indeed perfect, crust was crumbly to the touch, look at how thin it is.”
The Perfect Macaron
The Perfect Macaron

So exactly how many Minneapolis bakeries meet the criteria of a perfect macaron?

Here is the breakdown of every spot in the city that makes macaroons and how they rank:

6. Surdyk’s Gourmet Cheese shop
Pros: Location
Cons: not much variety, not always fresh, not always available.
5. Patrick’s Cafe & Bakery
Pros: consistency
Cons: Only 3 flavors, size unusually big, location.
4. Cocoa & Fig
Pros: Location in the skyway, different flavors.
Cons: not so fresh.
3. Target
Pros: Price, 6 flavors, come in a box of 6, 12 or 36, not bad.
Cons: Only at Super Target
Patisserie 46 macaroons 2. Patisserie 46
Pros: Fresh, different flavors, come in signature box, delicious.
1. Sweets Bakeshop
Pros: Fresh, 20 different flavors (mint basil, chili pepper), amazing colors, tasty .

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