Conde Nast cans Carine Roitfeld

There have been a lot rumors around Carine Roitfeld’s departure from Vogue Paris. Some cited a collaboration with Tom Ford as being the main reason, which he clearly denied, “Carine and I have no plans to work together at the moment, and it is nothing that we have even discussed, but of course I think she is brilliant and we are close friends so who knows about the future.”
Some go as far as saying, that CR has been engaging in some sketchy behavior over the past few years, and the bosses were just fed up. Carine was suspect number 1 when the Max Mara collection, which she was consulting for on the side, was a copycat of the Balenciaga sketches shown to her beforehand. According to tendances de mode this was the reason behind banning the whole French Vogue team from Balenciaga runways.
Other rumors state that, as a jury of the ANDAM, Carine manipulated the votes in favor of personal friend and upcoming Turkish designer Hakaan Yildrim, who was the beneficiary of the 220, 000 euro ANDAM 2010 designer Award. It didn’t help either that, Bernard Arnault, president of LVHM – biggest luxury good manufacturer – is neither a big fan of Ms. Roitfeld practices nor her latest Vogue issue, which features little girls dressed as sexy women and is lacking the heavy LVHM endorsements.
Regardless of the rumors, the fashion world will always see Carine as a fashion icon, and also as the nicer, more charismatic  spontaneous counterpart of Anna Wintour. I like CR cuz she never sports handbags, she mixes and matches like a genius & she’s in better shape than her 24 year old daughter.

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