The Biggest Male Celebrities Transformations

Nothing says male makeover like Steve Carell in Crazy Stupid Love, where suave Ryan Gosling’s character (also on this list below) takes him under his wing. What ensues is a series of lessons on how to dress, how to act, and how to get a hair cut.  It’s amazing how much a change in your everyday appearance can inject a whole new sense of energy and confidence into your attitude. For these gentlemen below this change even helped take their career from a little know person to a huge star. And while it’s the clothes that make the man, it’s the attitude that makes the clothes.

David Beckham

Gerard Butler

Ryan Gosling

Bradley Cooper

Marc Jacobs

7 thoughts on “The Biggest Male Celebrities Transformations

  1. OMG can you believe that is Becks?! 😀 and Marc Jacobs, woow 🙂 Men get more attractive as they age, damn they’re lucky 😀

    1. I know a guy makeover probably takes 2 hours, a good haircut/shave, a tan and a new outfit lool! If only things were that easy for women :)))
      Yeah Bradley’s always been hot

  2. Ryan Gosling is a total doll, even moreso as he ages… “Notebook” anyone??? …… Marc Jacobs is by far the most amazing transformation.. from fat, dowdy, with glasses… to a trim physique, short hair, sans glasses.. that one truly blows me away…

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