Enhance Your Favorite Body Feature?

I promise this is not one of those “Love Your Body’ issues that women’s magazines love to feature every other month to ‘build’ women’s self esteem, only to ruin it again with mediocre articles on how to be appealing to someone else’s standard of beauty. “Which Make-up Effect Do Guys Go Gaga For?” is the title of an article polling men’s magazine readers, boasting “Hey—6,000 drooling guys can’t be wrong!”. “Dress up in a kinky costume because when a woman is in a costume, it feels like being in a porn film,” Cosmo recommends in an article titled “What Makes Sex Exciting for Him?”.
While men’s magazines are encouraging them to conquer the world with wealth and seize career opportunities, most women’s magazines detract from other opportunities by telling us that red lipstick is hot again for the 100th time.
My point is, regardless of how the media is constantly changing our perception of what constitutes sex appeal, everyone has their own notion of beauty and everyone, regardless of their body image, has at least one feature or body part that they like. Just like these famous people below, why not enhance what you love about yourself?

Freida Pinto: the Eyes/Eyebrows

Gisele Bundchen: the Legs

Giovanna Battaglia: the waist

Cameron Diaz: the arms

Blake Lively: the chest

Olivia Palermo: the hair

Sarah Jessica Parker: the Midriff

Imanthe neck

So what’s your favorite feature?

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