Icon: Queen Rania of Jordan

Who is she?
The Queen of Jordan, a mother of 2, an advocate and a humanitarian.

Why she’s an Icon?
When asked about his Ultimate muse, Giorgio Armani said “There is a certain type of woman and I suppose Queen Rania could embody that type. She is beautiful, she has the body of a model and she holds herself like the queen she is – what more could you want.”

Why She’s Cool?
* Most approachable royal through her use of online social media such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
* She used You Tube to open dialogue about stereotypes people have about the Middle East.
* She has done a lot to ban honor killing in Jordan.
* She travels the world to campaign for children’s welfare and education.
* She has a good sense of humor.

Style Trademark:
Waist belts, fitted blazers, pencil skirts, minimal jewelry, neutral colors.

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