Stay Classy Minneapolis

These pix were taken at a job fair at the Minneapolis Convention Center. I believe it said somewhere in the email dress professionally.

Would you hire these women?

I couldn't find a babysitter or my shoes
Apple Bottom jeans, coat with the fur...
OJ Da Juiceman & Miss O.R.A.N.G.E


Thank the lord, for every 12 Don’ts there’s 1 Do

Blazer: Anne Klein, Skirt: Escada, Shoes: Max de Carlo

9 thoughts on “Stay Classy Minneapolis

      1. You are such a wdureofnl writer…you should be here every week! I agree with best of Palm Beach…you are on my daily reading list!!

  1. Ha! Makes you want to produce a make over show on the spot!
    I found you through your comment on IFB. I have a connection to Minneapolis/St. Paul and love following blogs about those cities.

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