Rachida Dati

rachida faceWho is she?

While everyone seems to be fascinated with Carla Bruni’s fashion style, what else do you expect from someone who comes from a family of wealthy industrialists, and who used to model for a living. I find France’s guardian of the seals (Justice Minister) to be far more fascinating.
Daughter of Moroccan mason and Algerian housewive, Rachida grew up in a modest conservative muslim household, which in France hardly ever destines you for power.

Why she’s an Icon?

Her style is the perfect balance of power and femininity. She nails the “I’ve dressed down but still look like a senior member of the French cabinet!” look.

Why I like her?

  • She put herself through college and grad school.
  • Her sharp legal mind and fierce determination landed her the top legal job.
  • She commands respect while remaining incredibly elegant and feminine.
  • She’s the 2nd woman and the 1st muslim to ever occupy this post.
  • She wears Dior suits and the best heels: Roger Vivier buckle collection.

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Image source: Vogue Italy
Quote source: women and foreign policy blog

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