Mature Style

There are many things that get better with age. Style is one of them , and a true sense of style comes from knowing what looks good on one’s body and having the confidence to rock it. These fabulous women have carved their own fashion journeys by staying true to their unique senses of style and by mixing trends with styles they’ve kept in their arsenal over time.

Nan Kempner

(American socialite)

Signature: classic

Isabel Preysler

(Enrique Iglesisas’ Mom)

Signature: feminine

Lee Radziwill

(Jackie O’s sister)

Signature: minimalist

Grece Ghanem

(Microbiologist turned Personal Trainer)

Signature: mixing prints

Sheikha Mozah

(Qatari Consort)

Signature: monochromatic

Susi Rejano

(Spanish Designer)

Signature: tailored


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