The Best Scents

I have a special thing for scents, not only because it is the most linked sense to memory but also the fact that it can change your mood instantly and is one of the few things that you can wear that is truly timeless. If I had to narrow it down to 2 notes it would definitely be Oud and Citrusy smells, but here are few other noteworthy fragrances:

Best Tropical

Ramon Monegal – Ole

It’s fruity done well with notes of pineapple and dates, yumm!

Best Citrus

These are the “Cointreau” of the citrus notes; a discreet and clean orange hint.


This is not your Jessica Simpson fruity, they both smell like RICH vanilla.


Valentino – Oud Assoluto

It’s dark, smokey and bold but not the “I smell you from a mile away” at the Dubai mall bold!


LE Labo – Another 13

Undetectable and light, people have to get close to smell it.


Initio – Atomic Rose

Ex Nihilo – Fleur Narcotique

Atomic, Narcotic, hypnotic!! florals done right


Byredo – Unnamed

Unfamiliar and mysterious

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