The Most Ridiculous Yet Highly Popular Trends On Instagram

Instagram is the virtual equivalent of people watching without having to leave your couch, and as much as it is a great source of inspiration, god knows it is the mecca of some of the most cringe-worthy trends out there. Who knew the Instagram eyebrow was gonna take off and be such a thing? I’m actually baffled that people are actually paying for online makeup lessons to perfect what could be the worst makeup trend of all times, and don’t even get me started on ‘kontouring’!!! I’m pretty sure all the ‘chef d’oeuvres’ below are from 1 or 2 accounts that compete for bad taste while promoting teeth whiteners.

The Instagram Eyebrow


The Claw Nails


The Drag Queen Makeup

The New Mommy/Pornstar Look


The Disproportionate Curves Inspired by the Kardashians


Fashion Logos Splattered on Unusual Objects


Excess of Bad Taste


The Once Novelty Now Vulgarized Fashion Items


The Excessive Shopping Show Off

What are some other Instagram trends that make you cringe?

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