1 Basic, Endless Options

Sometimes it is easier to succumb to the trends than to find that one basic piece that goes with everything. I have been, and still am guilty of buying things I never wear, just because it was the color of the year, or because color lace is so hot right now. Though, once you find the one piece that works with everything it makes life much easier.

Unless money is no issue, it makes no sense to buy different version of 1 thing . This applies to not just clothes but pretty much anything, as long you buy that good quality, immortal, chameleon piece. Here, is how to bring 3 basic items to life with different add-ons:

The Basic Black Coat

Pick one that is good quality and very basic; same color buttons, no embellishments and a good length.

Customize a Black Coat

The Classic Black Pump

I didn’t realize how many websites are dedicated to shoe accessories, just google Blingbacks. Your basic black pumps or flats will do.

Shoe Accessories

Your Basic Foundation

You really don’t need a foundation for each season, occasion or every time the trend changes (BB, CC..etc). Just pick one that works with your skin type and tone. All you need is a gel bronzer to darken it in the summer, a highlighter to lighten it in the winter or make it more dewy and a powder if you want a matte longer lasting look.

1 Foundation Many Uses

Becca foundation

Laura Mercier face powder
$51 – liberty.co.uk

Nars cosmetic
$36 – johnlewis.com

What piece in your closet do you customize the most?

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