Secrets of the Most Successful Fashion Blogs

Everyone has their own definition for success, but for a fashion blog, success is measured by the number of hits it gets per day, plain and simple. So what exactly makes a blog stand out and get that much traffic?

There is no recipe for guarenteed success in blogging, or in any field really. It’s a wild, unpredictable, perfectly mixed, baked and served up hot mix of timing, talent, originality and drive.  While there’s a stigma in blogging that you really just haven’t made it unless a brand wants to send you free things or do a giveaway on your blog or sponsor it, it is not the only thing that denotes success. Different bloggers have different strategies for success, different elements of their site or of their social media that they use to grow their traffic and their online presence. So to answer the question above, I try to look at the blogs I read daily and analyze those elements that make me go back and follow that certain blogger.



This is the Rolls Royce of blogs. Jie Kim’s unmatched attention to detail, craftsmanship, originality, culture and presentation make for a killer blog.


The Blonde Salad

The Blonde Salad is mainly written by its star blogger Chiara Ferragni, but often features characters from the boyfriend Richie, the dog Matilda, the sisters, the mom and recently a blog team. It feels like watching a more stylish European version of the Kardashians.

IT Accessories

Style Heroine

Evangelie’s blog gives you a serious ‘Givenvy’ (Givenchy Envy). Hot trends like the new Isabel Marant plaid shirt, Alexander Wang boots, or Givenchy clutch that most of us can barely afford after 4 seasons, are spotted here on a weekly basis and that’s what makes her blog HOT.

Exotic Destinations


Besides being the collector of the most amazing vintage wardrobe, Aureta is one serious jet setter. In her blog she gives readers a glimpse into her über-glamorous travels across the globe. From St Barth’s, to Qatar to Korea among few, Aureta’s always finding inspirations from her international travels and that’s why her style is ‘irreplicable’!


Cupcakes and Cashmere

Emily Schuman’s blog is light-hearted, clean and most importantly consistent. She posts daily and the content is 1 outfit, 1 recipe, 1 how to and 5 sources of inspiration weekly. So everyday you have something to look forward to reading and you know exactly what to expect.

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