Minimalism vs excess

The 80s were crazy with all the hair and the neon colors! The 2000s, even crazier with the bling, the studs, the princess syndrome (adult women in pink cars, collecting Hello Kitty furniture and pink dog outfits), the hair, lash and everything extension.
Don’t get me wrong, there has never been a better time for self expression. All the social media sites and the gazillion reality TV shows are telling everyone out there, not only is it normal to be completely ‘crazy’, but it is totally acceptable to broadcast it to the entire world! It seems like the more options younger women have these days, the more they turn out to be just another variation of Lady Gaga or the Kardashians. I can go on but I am so ready for the minimalist fashion trend to take over and bury Gaga and Rihanna’s clothes.

2000s Excess

 90s Minimalism

Modern Minimalism

We are not all Joans and Giseles but we don’t need to go all the way Kardashian either :D, what do you think?

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