Carole Radziwill: Best Dressed Housewife

Just to name a few reasons why Carole Radziwill is a controversy to everything that is wrong with ‘The Real Housewives’ franchise:
Drama: Carole almost always avoids drama and confrontations.
Plastic: she doesn’t need nip and tuck and she’s aging quite gracefully.
Superficiality: Carole covered war stories in Cambodia, Afghanistan, Haiti, just to name a few. She’s also won few Emmys and holds an MBA from NYU
She’s no angel, admittedly smoking weed and showing off a sizable Kiki De Montparnasse paraphernalia, but she still manages to be herself without crossing the line between sexy and trashy.

Her red carpet style is edgy:

… but I prefer the off duty style:

What do you think of her style?

4 thoughts on “Carole Radziwill: Best Dressed Housewife

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