Blogger Beauty Stash: Rolah Osman

When I stumbled upon Rolah’s blog I couldn’t help but notice how flawless she looks.  I had to ask her to share some of her tips here. Her blog is very inviting and also full of good posts on how to keep your skin in top shape. Rolah Ossman Beauty

Rolah Osman Beauty

Rolah Osman Beauty

What inspired you to start your blog?
My boyfriend! I’ve always been quite nutty about skincare, dermatology, and beauty products. I always get asked a lot of skincare and skin related questions from friends and family, ao he urged me to start writing about it. I’ve also always liked writing, and so a combination of the two has worked out to become the best hobby ever.

What have you learned about beauty so far?
That it is a changing thing, which is largely dependent on a number of factors which are greatly ignored, such as diet, exercise, and emotional aspects. The skin is the mirror to the soul, I say, the mirror to what goes on inside you at least.

Any personal beauty tricks you care to share?
Eating healthy, sleepingwell, and feeling great are the 3 best things you can do to look beautiful, inaddition to and SPF, and a retinol night cream of course. The trick I think, is finding a balance that works for you, and which includes a good diet high in antioxidant rich foods, and low in sugars, as well as daily exercise, and a positive outlook on yourself and the world.

If you had a $1000 to spend onbeauty products?
Oooh, tricky… I think I would spend it on treatments, is that allowed? I’d do regular microdermabrasion sessions, some botox (as it works preventitavely to inhibit the formation ofwrinkles-there are studies, trust me), and I’d like to try the Perricone coldplasma cream as well, I’ve read so much about it, I’m very curious. I would also like to try the Omoroviza line.

Any current products you can’t live without?
Yes, my Skinmedica Retinolcream 1.10%, the rest sort of changes regularly, but I’ve come to love my new Kiehl’s activated sun protector SPF 50+! My Mia Clarisonic has also made its way onto my bathroom shelf for life. And oh, yes, my Sesderma Vit K. eye creamfor dark circles.

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