Custom Skin Care

The new rage in cosmetics: skin care that is personalized for your own skin issues.

What? Your face is not just dry, oily or combination. Your skin needs are constantly changing depending on the season, the hormonal cycle and a number of other factors. That’s why your skin care should adapt to these needs.

How? This revolutionary approach to skin care might have started in Europe, but thanks to the ‘interwebs’, now you can just do a skin diagnostic online from anywhere. By answering a few questions, and detailing all your skin concerns from wrinkles, to redness and zits; you get a personalized skin analysis and a set of products specifically for you skin, based on those results, shipped to your home.


Joëlle Ciocco

biochemist born in Paris, has been devoting herself for 30 years to the study of the skin ecosystem, her clients include Monica Bellucci and Natalie Portman.

Skin Diagnostic: here
Shop: online or in person (available in New York only)
Pros:  hollistic products based on research
Cons: $$$, no samples.

Etat Pur

Skin Diagnostic: here
Shop: online (not available in the US yet)
Pros: Reasonnably priced and really works.
Cons: Products only available in Europe so far.

My Codage

Skin Diagnostic: here
Shop: online 
Pros: Ships worldwide, sample sizes available, customize package with your initials, glass containers, smells great, black and white package, tested the serums and loved them.
Cons: 0

My Blend

  Skin Diagnostic: here
Shop: online
Pros: Excellent packaging, highly concentrated doses of pure active ingredients to mix with your day or night Essential Formulas.
Cons: $$$

Mama Mio

Skin Diagnostic: here
Shop: online
Pros: Great for stretch marks and body problems, smells good, natural.
Cons: You have to wait up to 24hrs to get your skin report

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products and what you thought!

One thought on “Custom Skin Care

  1. Being natural is all the rage these days, so it is great to hear about a new online store that is being set up just to provide people with the ability to buy skin products. It will be opening soon so why not go along and see for yourself!

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