Outfit Repeats are a normal thing

Why is it so weird these days to see outfit repeats associated with offenders in most American magazines? Most people buy stuff because they like it and want to be able to wear it over and over. And even though famous people get most of their clothes for free, it does not make them super human when they wear the same item 4 times! In some parts of the world it’s considered a luxury to own a pair of shoes!

Taylor Tomasi Hill: Celine Envelope

Carine Roitfeld: Alaia Lace up heels

Kate Moss: Louboutin Pigalle Shoes

Olivia Palermo: Hermes Clutch

Alessandra Ambrosio: Louis Vuitton Sunshine bag


Kate Bosworth: Chloe Studded Boots


Kourtney Kardashian: Celine Luggage Bag

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