Blogger Beauty Stash: Anita Rivas

Anita is a beauty product junkie; she takes beauty  seriously and is always looking for the next best products that deliver glowing results. She loves sharing her beauty tips and believes there is a shade of red lipstick out there for everyone. She is also a blogging junkie, writing and reviewing beauty products and tips for 3 various publications – mylifeinbeautyHeavensalon and citygirlinredlipstick which is dedicated to bold crimson lips.

On her inspiration for her blogs
My blogs were inspired by the fact that I love sharing beauty information with women. I know that the toughest job in the world is being a parent and the 2nd hardest job in the world is being a woman. Women tend to neglect themselves and often end up buying beauty products that don’t deliver results, often wasting their money. I want to help them and I believe there is a shade of Red for everyone; it’s a matter of trial and error. Just today I bought Salma Hayek’s Paprika and found it to be a deeper shade of red than what I would normally wear, it’s gorgeous just not my shade.

Her personnal beauty
I suffer from adult acne, hyperpigmentation and alopecia areata. Everyone has skin concerns; it’s a matter of finding the right products for your skin. I take Viviscal Vitamins for my hair, I’ve been using the TangleTweezer brush and Argan 6 by Redken is a lifesaver. I also use Oribe’s Royal Blowout and Volumista if I want to make sure to make an impression, and I get Keratin Express treatments on my bangs to keep them straight. Kett Secret Powder is amazing and my favorite concealer for nasty hyperpigmentation scars is Conceal FX by Cover FX. And iT Cosmetic’s Brow Power Pencil is the best eyebrow pencil.

The worst mistake women make with their skin?
Women lack hydration, I can tell when a woman is not getting enough fluids, and their skin and hair are dry, parched and brittle. Drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep, no smoking or excessive drinking.  Hydration is important in maintaining youthful looking skin that means deep hair masks and moisturizers.  Get a skincare regimen and seek the help of a dermatologist if you can’t get your skin under control. Skincare is more important than makeup.

If money was no issue
I would definitely want more facials, microdermabrasions. To maintain healthy skin we need a combination of professional guidance along with age appropriate skincare.

Words of wisdom
I learned that if a product does not work it is because you didn’t need it. There are
days when my skin starts to act crazy and I make a beeline for my dermatologist we can’t do it alone.

3 thoughts on “Blogger Beauty Stash: Anita Rivas

  1. Thanks Anita it was great doing this post of you! I love all the tips you shared and your amazing attention to detail 🙂

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