Light Packing

Whether you’re a nomad, live in airports or have more than 1 home, this a universal light packing guide for women.
1. Go for sample size toileteries.
2. Buy multi-purpose products.
3. If you won’t wear it more than once don’t bring it.
4. Your pack should not weigh more than 20% of your body weight.
5. Pack few days ahead.
6. Write a checklist.
7. Don’t overthink, you can buy most things if you forget them.

Toileteries & Makeup


Multipurpose products in this picture include: Lancome concealer eyecream, Slick mascara eyeliner, Bobbi Brown lip and cheek cream, L’Oreal day/night cream, Trish McEvoy hand and body cream, Laura Mercier Spf tinted Moisturizer and Bliss face and body wash.

Clothes & Accessories

Packing Suitcase

Pick basic color versatile clothes that are easy to mix, match and layer, then bring few bright accessories to change up an outfit. These items can are good for work, going out, sight seeing and even special occasions.

Electronics & Misc


This is where you can put everything else. IPads serve as computers, ebook readers, even cameras. IPhones can play music, take videos and work as alarms. You can use wipes to clean pretty much anything. The longchamp pliage is flexible and you can always fold it in the luggage to save room.

All collages made by Lustrass, feel free to use as long as you credit.

3 thoughts on “Light Packing

  1. I’m always trying to find ways to pack lighter. My goal is to pack ONLY A CARRY ON…..for a weekender. 😛 Thanks for sharing these tips!

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