Spring Trends

Even though the transition between winter and spring started way too early this year, it is officially spring now! And with a new season come new trends!

Beauty Breakthrough Product: BB Cream

I’ve been meaning to post about BB since the fall, and before I knew it, every brand was formulating its own BB that you can’t miss it at the beauty stores now. BB stands for blemish or beauty balm and it’s not so much of a trend in Asia where it originally started from, and has been used by models and actresses for a while as an all in one staple product. It is pretty much, a tinted moisturizer, with primer, spf, vitamins, anti-aging, anti-blemish ingredients all in one.

Verdict: the tint was very organgey and shiny, it looks like you’re wearing liquid bronzer.

Scent: Oud

I like experiencing with fragrances, even hair perfumes and men colognes, but I always go back to the same simple fresh perfume.  You gotta love the 90s, they were all about simple notes, that were unisex and totally wearable. Lately I’ve been very intrigued by exotic notes of licorice, tobacco and especially Oud, which is an extract from the agarwood tree. Oud is been around the middle east for centuries, as both an essential oil and perfume, and in recent years it has been gaining popularity with big fragrance houses. The smell is strong, sexy and impossible to ignore.

Verdict: I haven’t tried the Tom Ford one, but New York Oud from Bond n9 is definitely a great smell.

Manicure: Pastel Colors

Last year was bright this year is soft pastels.

Interior Decoration

Giant cylinder vases with floating flowers, drum chandeliers and jar bells with tiny flowers underneath are the rage in interior design lately.

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