Fashion’s Obsession with Weird in 2 Words

Besides the fact that I needed an outlet for bitching, and despite the fact that these people below are beyond talented in their domain. These fashion personalities’ reputation has reached mythical status, to the point that a lot of the bloggers think Karl or Terri can do no wrong even if they are just famous dirty old perverts.

Katty Karl

According to Karl Lagerfeld “Russian men are ‘ugly’, Adele is ‘a little fat’, Greeks and Italians are ‘corrupt’ and the monarchy is ‘unnecessary’. ” article He also justifies his need to pay for sex, because according to him “the rich have escorts, and for the rest of the world there is porn”!

Sex Predator

Terry Richardson has photographed everyone from Obama to the Gossip Girl crew. I’ve hated this dbag since the first time I’ve seen his work. I didn’t have to hear a model’s confession about his behavior to know how unsavory a creature he is. He adopts the look of a sketchy pervert and clearly revels in it!

Retire Already

There hardly needs to be an introduction for Vogue US Editor Anna Wintour. She’s even been portrayed as the “Devil” in the fiction film The Devil Wears Prada and she’s nicknamed the ‘Ice Queen’. I think if Mubarak can give up his post as president of Egypt for the last hundred years, so should she. Plus she’s not even American!

Kerastase Mask

Grace Coddington you have a lot of talent, but if you’re gonna be Vogue’s # 2, please do look the part.

So Predictable

I know what Emanuelle Alt wore in 1999 and what she’ll be wearing in 2020: Jacket, skinny pants and boots. No matter the season or the trend, her outfits are a slight variation of these 3 items. She also rarely ever smiles, wears makeup or color. A little bland in my opinion, and fashion is anything but predictable!

Trying 2 Hard

Sorry Anna Dello Russo hoarding clothes and overloading on whatever is the thing of the moment is not technically considered style. Sometimes less is more! She obviously gets the credit for maintaining a good physique, but the more she tries to look 21, the more in denial she seems about her age!

Loosen Up

Rachel Zoe is one of the most notorious stylists of all times. But anyone that’s watched her show can tell she’s a pain to work for. She conveys this tense energy and I think it’s odd how long she spends doing her hair just to make it look like that’s how she woke up!

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