My 5 Favorite Fashion Movies

Some movies are worth watching just for the great fashion. While flicks like The Devil Wears Prada, Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Sex And The City always make the fashion list, my favorites are less focused on the clothes but guaranteed to make a lasting fashionable impression.


Before Amber Heard became famous, she had blog-worthy style.



Audrey Tautou is a gold digger who loves caviar and Chanel: la classe!

Love & Other Disasters

Brittany Murphy’s character is seriously obsessed with Holly Golightly.

Beauty & The Brifecase

The Devil Wears Prada meets Shopaholic.



MK Olsen adds a fashionable touch to her witch character.

What’s your favorite fashion movie?

2 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite Fashion Movies

  1. great list! i love amber heard in exterminators! hahaha, i thought i was the only one that had seen that movie!

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