Douchebags with Style: Quaddafi

Move over Kanye West and Scott Disick (the Kardashian sister’s villain boyfriend), cuz this time Muammar Qaddafi (Lybia’s dictator not for long) is the new CEO of the Douchebags with Style Club. If you don’t agree, just take a look at the images below of what could only be described as the DBC: Dictator Boho Chic 😀

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Way Before he Started Stealing African Maps from Little Kids to accessorize

Sunglasses Bono, Jacket Dr Evil, Cape Al Saud, Map + fake medals a 9 year old Lybian kid

the Hangover (a bad one)

Pretty in Pink

They wear the pants in this relationship

The Aviator (book signing session)

Africa is a country…my ass

Hosni put the parasole over your head you don’t want that fine dye job to fade

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