2011 Spring Summer Shoes

Here is an excuse to go buy 13 pairs of shoes. There is mainly 13 new trends this spring summer 2001.

Flashy Color Burst

Get some flashy colors this summer and don’t forget a pedicure 😉

Fancy Lace

Lace over transparent materials and tattoos = hot!!


Avoid the whites and nudes because they’ll make your feet look like giant bandaids, darker colors are more flattering and by far the comfiest shoes of the summer because they’ll flexible.

Lacy Sandals

Thick laces are going high this summer. They might be a pain to tie but they make your legs look longer. To wear with dresses or pants.

Clogs Are Back

Not a big fan, but they’re comfy and nostalgic! Cute with white lace dresses.

Multi Color shoes

They have more personnality than solid color shoes, and they make the outfit work somehow!

Zip Your Shoes

So Rock & Roll with jeans or a classic look

Got Junk In The Trunk?

Forget toe cleavage, this season the back of your feet gets all the attention with flowers, animals, wings…etc


Studs are still In, to wear with loose fabric to kind of soften the look.


First seen on Jane from SeaofShoes now they’re everywhere! Great with short skirts.

Open Toe Booties

Not just peep toe, these boots are somewhat loose at the ankle. To wear with a neat nail polish color to make the style look more appealing.

Chained and Bejewled

Crystals and cute chains make these shoes pop. They have enough details, that you don’t need to wear any additional jewelry.

Wear Your Socks

Buy your socks a size bigger so they’re not too tight at the ankle, and as far as color the more contrast with the shoe the better.

images courtesy of Caroline Daily

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