Five: Best Big Name Collaborations

Forget those typical designer collaborations, that you’d never get a hand on if you lived in Minnesota (e.g: Lanvin for H&M), the US (e.g: Stella McCartney for Target only available in Australia, or Elin Kling for H&M only selling in Sweden)! The coolest collaborations these days are those, where 2 big names that aren’t even in the same trade are making magic!

Philip Stark for Dolce & Gabanna

Interior Designer + Fashion Designer

Hermes for Smart

Handbag Designer + Car Maker

Christian Louboutin for LaDuree

Luxury shoes + luxury pastries

Karl Lagerfeld for Coca Cola

Oldest Fashion Designer + Oldest Carbonated Drink

Armani for Burj Dubai

Fashion legend + Real estate legend





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