Celebrities without Stylists

Everyone in Hollywood that wants their pictures taken, uses the help of a little maverick called a stylist.

Some do regularly (here, here & here), and some can manage on their own, but require professional help for events (here & here).

Lately, the rage amongst rising stars is to claim not to have a stylist, so what’s myth and what’s true?

Who: Blake Lively Claim: She doesn’t have a stylist 

Truth: Blake has Eric Daman (Gossip girl stylist) at her disposition, and they definitely collaborate. It also helps that she’s Anna Wintour’s protegee, seeing how many times she’s been on the cover of Vogue.

Who: Diane Krueger
Claim: She doesn’t need a stylist.
Truth: Diane’s been a model, and models have access to style tips, since they have first exposure to fashion. It doesn’t hurt that when Largerfeld is personally sending you items, it’s hard to mess up.
Who: Camila Belle
Claim: she doesn’t have a stylist
Truth: Camila shops with her mom, considering her mom is famous Brazilian designer Cristina Routh, she sure is getting more than just an opinion.
Who: Emma Watson
Claim: She doesn’t have a stylist
Truth: a Burberry campaign definitely helps. Sure she most likely has a say and collaborates her ideas, but she is still working with someone. 

Who: January Jones  

Claim: she loves fashion so  much she doesn’t need a stylist

Truth: this might be true, since she’s a big vintage collector and she works exclusively with very few designers.

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