Karen Minier

Who is she?

A 37 year old Belgian TV presenter on French television, Formula 1 hostess and racer, model with Dominique Models Agency, mother of 2 and fiancee of Scottish F1 driver David Coulthard.

Why she’s an icon?

Understated elegance, minimalist chic all describe Karen Minier’s style, it also helps that she’s a statuesque beauty.

Why I like her?

  • She drinks a lot of Redbull.
  • She wears a lot of black.
  • She could be milking her fame but instead she’s classy.
  • She barely ever wears makeup.
  • She knows more about fast cars than your average F1 fan

Images of Karen doing her TV show Children of the TV on TF1

Karen with David Coulthard at various events

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